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The April 2024 - June 2024 prompt is based on



Your writing submissions for the April 2024 - June 2024 quarter should be centered on the following prompt: 

From social media posts to widespread cultural movements, pop culture has shaped our beliefs and perception of society. Living in a world with rapidly evolving technology, it is essential to consider the influence of pop culture on our choices, lifestyle, and relationships. For this quarter, we invite you to explore THE INFLUENCE OF POP CULTURE on the world around us, while delving into its impacts on language, health, and communities. The most successful submissions will center on a specific facet of pop culture (i.e. influencers and online trends) and its associated impact (i.e. beauty standards and fast fashion.)

As always, we urge you to do some brief research. You can begin with the articles linked below! Happy writing!




WriteCause is accepting submissions on the Influence of Pop Culture Prompt prompt until June 30th 11:59 ET, 2024.


This contest is open to people living anywhere. To enter you must be 12-18 years old.


The submission can be any form of writing including but not limited to: poems, short stories, and essays. However, we do not accept visual writing like graphic novels and black-out poetry. All the submissions must be in English. You may submit more than once.

Students may submit a piece individually, but are also encouraged to write collaboratively. WriteCause accepts writing pieces with more than one author. The number of authors will not impact the scoring process.


Pieces must be 6,000 or fewer characters. 


Gold Pen, Silver Pen, and Bronze Pen winners, along with two honorable mentions, will be recognized on our website. The recognized writing pieces will be published in our Winners' Gallery. A WriteCause Certificate of Achievement will also be awarded.


Winners of the last quarter (Activism) contest will be announced on May 1st, 2023. 


By submitting your work to this contest you are giving consent for it to be published on the WriteCause website, newsletters, and social media. Please note you will still own rights to the work. Please do not submit work that has already been published.

If you have any questions please email WriteCause at

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