The July 2021 - September 2021 prompt is based on



Your writing submissions for the July 2021 - September 2021 quarter should be centered on the following prompt: 

Reflect on CULTURAL APPRECIATION. Culture is everywhere, whether racial, ethnic, or social. Share insight into your culture or one that fascinates you.


As always, we urge you to do some brief research especially if you are writing about a culture other than your own. You can begin with the articles linked below! Happy writing!




WriteCause is accepting submissions on our Cultural Appreciation prompt until September 30th 11:59 EST.


This contest is open to people living anywhere. To enter you must be 12-18 years old.


The submission can be any form of writing including but not limited to: poems, short stories, and essays. However, we do not accept visual writing like graphic novels and black-out poetry. All the submissions must be in English. You may only submit once.


We urge you to make a $10 donation to support International Cultural Diversity Organization, via Paypal by clicking the Donate button. Please use the family and friends option.


Pieces must be 6,000 or fewer characters. 


Gold Pen, Silver Pen, and Bronze Pen winners, along with two honorable mentions, will be recognized on our website. The recognized writing pieces will be published in our Winners' Gallery. A WriteCause Certificate of Achievement will also be awarded.


Winners of the Cultural Appreciation contest will be announced on October 31st. 


By submitting your work to this contest you are giving consent for it to be published on the WriteCause website, newsletters, and social media. Please note you will still own rights to the work. Please do not submit work that has already been published.

If you have any questions please email WriteCause at writecausecharity@gmail.com.






This quarter, WriteCause is asking you to donate to International Cultural Diversity Organization.

The mission and goal of the International Cultural Diversity Organization (ICDO) is the promotion of cultural diversity, inclusivity, interculturalism, human rights, as well as raising awareness of different cultural expressions and their values with the aim of fostering cultural interaction in order to bring people together and bridge cultural gaps. In addition, ICDO acts, promotes, and conserves biodiversity, environment, and sustainability for the wellbeing of humanity.

Our suggested donation amount is $10, but please be as generous as you are able. You can make your donation via Paypal to writecausecharity@gmail.com by clicking the button. Please make your payment with the family and friends option.